How Cold Sauna Therapy Impacts Your Health

Cryogenic Cold-Spa Treatment
A Health Must … or Bust?

Cold Sauna Spa

Some critics have been trying to discredit cold-spa treatments since whole body cryotherapy (WBC) hit the seen.

The reason they’re attempting to discredit it isn’t due to lack of performance, rather a lack of proof and reason for the claimed performance.

They say there is just no proof to the claims of treatment to diseases and disorders such as treatment to arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica.

What about other benefits that cold-spa users swear by? Ones that heal the body of things like muscle aches and joint stiffness, or clear skin and brain stimulation.

Why would critics even try to persuade the opinion of the people that are completely happy with the results?

They’re not.

After research, the main thing critics are saying is that there’s no scientific proof that backs the claims.

They actually support the claims that  the natural reaction of the body increases blood flow and circulation, and agree on the helpful effects of increased blood circulation..

Regardless, none of the skepticism is swaying cold-spa users into slowing down their sold-spa sessions.

They’re definitely not holding back on their stakes to claims that these benefits are just a few of the ones they’re receiving from the treatment.

In fact, it doesn’t seem that any of the criticism of the cutting edge cold-spa is doing any damage to the treatment’s reputation at all.

It’s actually quite the opposite.

As popularity for the cryomatic cold-spa remains on the rise, regular users of the spa continue to stand by their cold methods of health care and maintenance.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Rather than looking for scientific proof for benefits, they’re enjoying the benefits that they’ve found in the treatment itself.

Celebrities and professional athletes continue to work cold-spa treatments into their regular, sometimes daily treatment routine.

The professional basketball team, New York Knicks, has invested big money, north of $150,000 on their own cryogenic tanks.

So, what are the results of spending 3 minutes completely emerged in liquid nitrogen gases at temperatures as low as -180*F?

Well, to talk about that, let’s look at the natural effects the cold-spa treatment has on the body.

After All, this is where the magic happens.

Natural Body Responses Provide Results

So let’s take a look at what happens to the body when it’s put through the actual treatment process of the cold-spa.

After looking at that, you’ll be able to see the positive effects the treatment has on the body and have an understanding of how and why it works.

Here’s a great video that offers a great overview:

First of all, as soon as your body is inflicted to the sub-zero temperatures, it immediately goes into protection mode.

All of your blood is rushed to the core of the body to protect its vital organs, including the brain.

When this is happening and the body is in it’s “protection” mode, the immense blood flow is delivering oxygen and nutrients to the organs.

Now, since the treatment causes the lungs to inhale twice the usual amount of oxygen, the organs are receiving twice the normal amount as well.

After the 3 minutes is up, and it’s time to exit the chamber, your body immediately reverses the blood flow and pumps from the core, to the body’s extremities.

This blood flow creates a natural increase in circulation to the body’s skin, causing it to also heal and rejuvenate.

It’s this natural process that people, especially supermodels and celebrities,  are accrediting with the ability to rejuvenate and protect the skin from blemishes and wrinkles. The cryomatic cold-spa treatment has become their fountain of youth.

The History of the Cold-Spa

Developed in 1980 by a Japanese physician for the treatment of arthritis and pain relief, European doctors quickly directed the treatment toward athletes.

The intense cold over the entire body treats injured and overworked muscles and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. This made it the perfect treatment for athletes working hard on and even off the field in their regular weight training and practice.

It’s the perfect recovery for a hard workout, helping develop more strength at a higher rate, by delivering nutrients and oxygen straight to their worn muscles.

Also improving dexterity by treating inflammation of joints and tendons, the cold-spa treatment provides athletes with a completely healed body that’s ready to work at maximum capacity on the field or the gym.

With the jaw-dropping success in the treatment of athletes in Europe, it wasn’t long until American athletes and deep-pocket celebrities started making trips to receive their own secret treatments.

The Secrets Out

It wasn’t long before other athletes and celebrities wanted in on the secret. They wanted the same benefits that seemed to be providing their competition with some “chilling” advantages.

Fresh and rejuvenated skin to the insta-treatment of injured muscles,

A 3 minute session to soak up a 3 hour workout, maximizing strength and rehabilitation.

Shed up to 800 calories in a 3 minute dip in the tank…

The stunning results and benefits the treatment delivered the, what seems to be the real “fountain of youth,” caused what the New York Post is calling New York’s Hottest New Beauty Trend.

Athletes such as World Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, has Sports Illustrated doing full page articles on his incorporation of cold-spa cryogenic treatment into his regular training to prepare for the biggest fight of his career.

Critics can critique and skeptics can…well, be skeptical,

But it seems that those that use the cold-spa as a part of their regular health treatment, have all the proof they need.

Question:  What’s YOUR Experience with cold therapy spas?  Leave your comment below!